Don’t Wait for the SFO Hole

I took this morning off work to take advantage of the “crummy” weather we’re having, so I could shoot some approaches in real Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).  The ceiling was 900′ and visibility was 3 miles in mist at San Carlos (SQL) when I was ready to depart.  These were probably the lowest conditions I’ve departed in since I’ve received my instrument rating but I was confident that I could make it back to San Carlos if I had any problems during takeoff and on my way down from the city I noticed there was a sizable break in the cloud cover over SFO so that was an option as well.

For this flight I filed from SQL to Charles M. Shulz, Sonoma Counta Airport (KSTS) in Santa Rosa.  Usually the weather is clear up there but today the ceilings were aroundRead More »